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How to decorate the Christmas tree?

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As far as Christmas decorations are concerned, Christmas tree is the most important one, which may be found in almost every house. The traditional Christmas tree is spruce and it may be fresh,  cut and sold by forest ranger, or a the one made of plastic.

It is up to us if we want a fresh tree, may fulfil the indoor space with a wonderful smell, or we may equip ourselves in an artificial, plastic spruce which may be stored and use every year.

When it comes to decorations, there is a wide variety of ornaments available in shopping malls. There are glass ball ornaments in different colours and shapes, Christmas chains, Christmas lights and more.

Moreover, the glass balls in a shape of a dog, cat or an elf may be a wonderful idea when we have children, because they may look and play with such an ornament all evening.

Although, when we want to make our Christmas ornaments on our own, a nice idea may be to cut the lemon into slices, stuck the cloves into it and hang it on a red ribbon on the Christmas tree.

A nice idea when we have Children is to prepare colourful Christmas chains made of paper. We may help children to scissor the paper into the stripes and glue the stripes together to make a chain.

We may also bake gingerbreads and also hang them on a red ribbon on the Christmas tree. Dried fruits may be an interesting way to decorate a tree in a traditional way.

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