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How to fight off the snails?

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When it comes to snails, they are capable of destroying our garden and may be a huge problem to get rid of. Even though they do not look as being dangerous and move really slowly, we should not underestimate them.

Snails ale believed to attack mostly the vegetables and plants with bulb, but they also choose young seedlings of trees and bushes. Moreover, they parasitize on leaves and stalks, making huge holes in them.

In order to fight off the snails in the garden, it is required to conduct regular garden works. While doing a tillage the eggs of snails that may be found in the ground are destroyed by coming out of the ground.

When we want to stop the snails coming from outside of our property we may put a little plastic fence around the garden. Moreover, we may put little containers with water buried near the fence, which may be a trap for snails.

We should control these containers/traps and change the water as often as needed.

Another way to fight of snails is to make tittle elevations with bark, so that the snails may not cross it.

Of course in the garden shop we may buy special preparations to kill all the snails.

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