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How to plant orchids in the flat?

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Orchids are very beautiful, tropical flowers that came to Europe in the 16th century. They are planted in the greenhouses, but also successfully in our houses.

When it comes to orchids, these flowers are not very demanding, however, there are couple of aspects that should be fulfilled.

Orchids should be planted in special ground that is available in every flower shop. This ground is made of bark, peat and fertiliser (that works for 6 weeks after planting).

The ground is supposed to be moist, however, it is not recommended to be wet all the time. Orchids should be watered once in a week or two, and dry. When the ground is dry, then we should water it.

As far as orchids are concerned, these flowers like sunny places. Although, if we want high stems with flowers, we should not put the pot in really bright place, but rather behind the curtain.

In order to plant wonderful flowers, even 8 on the stem, it is urged to fertilize the flowers with special preparations for orchids that may be found in every flower shop. It should be used in small amounts, so that we won’t harm flowers.

When  flowers dry and fall down it is advised to cut the stems, because another stem ma not grow in the same place again.

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