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How to take care of plants in winter?

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When it comes to the garden, we should take care of the plants before winter, and protect  them from the cold wind and ground frost.

It is believed that bushes and other plants should not be cut in the autumn because the twigs which are cut may not regenerate before the winter comes with frost and low temperatures. Bushes may simply dry and damage. However, it is required to cut off the dry flowers, twigs, damaged parts of the bush or unwanted twigs.

As far as the fertilization is concerned, some bushes should be fertilized preferably in September, however, it may be done till the end of October.

The autumn fertilizer contains potassium and phosphorus, so that after the fertilization the twigs become more firm and resistant to the damages caused by low temperature.

The important aspect while protecting the plants is of course the physical frost protection. One of the methods is to make a mound out of soil on the height of 20-30cm also covered with twigs and tree bark or moss.

Some gardeners cover the bushes with paper boxes, straw or special non-woven fabric to keep them warm and safe.

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