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How to take care of shoes during the winter time?

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When it comes to shoes, people usually do not think of taking proper care of shoes, especially in winter when they are exposed to low temperatures, water, snow and salt, dust or ash (during the winter).

Before going out in the winter, it is recommended to prepare our shoes for the weather. Shoes should be cleaned with moist peace of material, and dried with another one.

When shoes are clean important is to impregnate them with special products that may be found in almost every shoe shop.

There is a wide variety of shoe products, such as paste, cream or spray for different types of shoes.

As far as leather shoes are concerned, it is advised to impregnate them with a cream or paste preferably with moisturizing oils. After the application the shoes should be burnished.

Suede or other rough type of leather should be protected with special sprays for that kind of shoes, and cleaned with delicate brush. Important to remember is that such shoes are delicate, and should not be cleaned with rough brush or wet rag.

While coming home after a snowy or rainy day it is also important to clean the shoes and protect them with shoe products for another day, to prevent cracks,  micro damages and leaking.

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