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How to take care of wooden floors?

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As far as wooden floors are concerned, they require special attention and care in order to stay wonderful.

Specialists believe that we should not wash wooden floors with wet mop or fabrics, because the water may destroy the wooden floor from the inside of unprotected surface.

When it comes to wooden floors, it is advised not to wash them with detergents and floor wash liquids which are not predestined to be used on wooden floors.

 By using such regular floor wash liquids we may destroy the surface of wooden floors and make them dingy and destroyed.

Consequently, we are supposed to use special floor wash liquids that contain special oils which grease and nourish the wooden surface of our floor.

Moreover, such special liquids for wooden floors protect the floor from the destructive influence of water and mechanical damages.

It is also recommended to use special creams for wooden floors, to protect the surface, moisturise the wood and to preserve it from water. Using greasing creams on the floor improves  the colour of the floor.

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