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How to wash clothes?

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These days our life is easier thanks to the home appliances such as washing machine. So that, we usually wash all our clothes in the washing machine, sometimes without thinking of the results it may have on our clothes.

Using washing machine not only save our time, but also money. There are different kinds of washing machines on the market.

The new kinds are adjusted in such a way that we can wash the clothes than normally we would wash manually. The only thing to do is to choose proper programme.

It is required to choose programs with low temperatures, so we may save water and energy, and our colour clothes may not lose colour or dye. Cotton or satin fabrics may also be safely washed in low temperatures.

However, it is important to remember that the temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.

When it comes to underwear, it may be put into the special fabric pouch so that delicate or lacy underwear may not be destroyed in the washing machine. Moreover, there are special programmes for delicate clothes.

Towels and sheets are usually washed in high temperatures to get rid of all the bacteria and dust. However, there are special antibacterial powders that may be used in low temperatures.

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