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Is a thunderstorm dangerous for us?

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When it comes to thunderstorms, a lot of people do not consider the strength of that dangerous element which may cause death. They believe that nothing bad may happen if the walk the streets during the thunderstorm, so that they do not hide.

It is believed that thunders strike into the highest point in the area. However, there are accidents where people standing under the high tree were hit, not the tree.

There are some people who survived the thunder strikes, but they are not this same. They do not only have the scars in the shape of thunder on their bodies, but sometimes their mind changes completely, and they become totally different people.

As far as thunderstorm guides are concerned, it is advised to hide inside of the building when we see that there is a thunderstorm above us.

We should not stay on the open, flat are when we see that the thunderstorm is coming on us.

The car may be a safe hiding place, however, it should not be parked near high trees or power lines.

Some people also believe that it is advised to stay away from the windows, because when the thunder strikes we may be hurt by pieces of trees or something else which may broke the window.

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