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Is burning meadows dangerous?

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Some people, especially farmers, tend to burn the grass and meadows in order to get rid of the dry plants that are left on the field. They believe that in such a way they will fertilise the soil with the ash.

Even though the ash is recommended for the soil to be better for plants, we are not allowed to burn the grass and plants on meadows and fields, because it is very dangerous for people and animals.

People believe that when they burn the grass on a little piece of the field nothing wrong may happen. However, fire is a very dangerous element that may not be easily conducted.

Fire brigades note every year hundreds of departures to the fire caused by innocent grass burning. Some of them requires tons of water and cause enormous destruction.

When the fire get out of control, caused by the wind or other aspects, it may cause the fire in the forest, which spread very quickly and kills animals living in there.

Even worse may be the fire that spread to the built-up area, causing huge damages, and even killing people. People loose houses and farms by such a thoughtless behaviour as grass burning.

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