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What is the perfect age to get married?

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When it comes to marriage, there are many different opinions on that question. Unfortunately, there is no one clear answer that may satisfy everybody. It clearly depends on people and their feelings, however we should note some important aspects.

People who are very young, who just turned 18 years old, are not that experienced to know whether they want to spend their life together. Young people usually misjudge their feelings, and confuse infatuation with love.

Infatuation is one of the first stages of relationships, when people do not know each other very well, or they think they do. Love, on the other hand, is conscious, and grow with the relationship, when we know our partners advantages and drawbacks, and respect each other.

Marriage is serious step in everybody’s live and it should be conscious and advised decision of two adults who decide to lead their life together. These people should know and be aware of such a step.

However, there is no clear age division when people are ready to get married, and when it is advisable to do that.

It is believed that people who are getting married should not take such an important step under pressure of society, or when the baby comes up, because they may be overwhelmed.

So that, as far as marriage is concerned the most significant aspect is to be conscious and fully responsible of such a decision. We should know our partner completely and trust him/her, love each other, and then we may lead wonderful life together.

Sometimes long engagement may be wonderful solution to find out whether this is what we want from life.

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