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When I should plant hyacinths?

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Hyacinths are believed to be one of the most popular and colourful spring flowers. In order to have wonderful and colourful garden in spring it is required to plant hyacinths in autumn, particularly from the beginning of September till the end of October.

While buying the hyacinth bulbs important is choose those that are big, healthy, firm, and without any scars or defects. We should not take those with leaves or roots. Hyacinth bulbs should not wait long until they are planted, because they may dry.

When it comes to planting, hyacinths prefer sunny places in the garden. They should be planted in rich soil, humid, and soft soil. Hyacinth bulbs should be placed in the soil in the depth of 2/3 length of the bulb.

Preferable is to place the bulbs in special open-work basket, so that the bulb will be protected from rodents, pests, and may not change the location.

Hyacinth bulbs need to planted only till the end of October, because they require some time to become rooted. When the winter comes, it is important to protect tulips from the cold temperature by covering them with mulch, bark, peat, or straw.

In order to have wonderful hyacinths every year, it is recommended to dig out the bulb after the flowers dry (in spring), clean them from soil and mould, and check whether they are not damaged. If we leave flowers in the ground, they will grow smaller every year.

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